What to do After a Binge – Three Do’s and Do Not’s [Based on Research]

What to do After a Binge – Three Do’s and Do Not’s [Based on Research]

December 5, 2018 Off By bingecoach
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What to do after a binge?

This post will show you what to do after and binge. Additionally, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do after a binge. We’ll cover that, too, based on research. 

Here are the top three things to do after a binge (and avoid doing at all costs).

1. Don’t hate yourself. Do forgive yourself immediately.

Research shows that forgiving yourself for mistakes is critical to psychological well-being. Interestingly, not forgiving yourself for mistakes contributes to eating disorders. For more on this, check out UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Article.

You may find it excruciatingly difficult to avoid hating yourself after a binge. This is a symptom of the inner conflict working in your psyche. Inner conflict may be your most important issue. Check out PsychCentral’s article on the far-reaching impact of inner conflict.

Don’t fuel the conflict within. When you criticize yourself for binge eating, you only increase the divide within.

2. Don’t Swear you’ll Never Binge Again. Do Promise to Learn More about Yourself

Vowing to never binge again is not what to do after a binge. The compulsion to swear that this was the last time is yet another symptom of inner conflict.

While you muster up your willpower, the part of you that insists on binge eating has gone dark. It got what it wanted and is now content to let you think whatever you want. When this part of you gets triggered again, it will come out and binge again.

You know this instinctively, right?

Don’t fool yourself. You will binge eat again and again until you deal with the part of you that hijacks your mind and forces you to eat uncontrollably. Get your mind around this. You are made of more than one psychological part.

You do NOT want to binge eat. Part of you, however, DOES NOT CARE what you want. It comes out and does what IT WANTS.

Forget empty promises. Instead, vow to get to know the part of your psyche that doesn’t care what you want – at all. Understanding this rogue part of you leads to healing.

3. Do NOT Starve yourself. Do continue eating normally.

Eating normally means eating when you are physically hungry. So if you’re hungry, eat until you are no longer hungry. Do NOT skip meals when you’re hungry because you binged recently. This will only lead you in the direction of another binge.

Recovery from binge eating is a return to balanced eating, not starve/feast eating.

There’s no getting around the horrifying fact that part of you doesn’t care what YOU want. It takes over and devours everything in sight. Wishing this part of you would vanish is little more than wishful thinking.

It is possible, however, to deal with this part of you. You just have to start thinking about psychological parts.

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