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Unit 4: Who is the Saboteur?

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Your inner Saboteur is not you. It’s a part of you. A powerful part indeed but merely a part of your overall personality.

Only you can get to know this part of you. You alone can get to know it. The choice to move ahead is yours. This course may be a worthy guide but all of the ins and outs of your psyche are yours. Only you can understand.

You do not understand your inner Saboteur. If you did, you would love it. If you understood and loved your Saboteur, it would not sabotage you. In fact, the only reason we call it Saboteur is because the vast majority of people see the issue that way. Binge eating is self-sabotage, right?

Not exactly.

Are firefighters saboteurs?

No, they are Protectors. Are you open to the idea that this part of you, the one that you’ve possibly hated and wanted to kill, has actually been a loyal friend and unappreciated protector?

It’s quite a paradigm shift. Are you ready for it? Before you decide, know this: Seeing your inner Saboteur differently and learning to appreciate it is the most important shift you could possibly make. Forget food. Forget every goal in the world. Get to know your inner Saboteur.

You’ve heard the people use food and all manner of substances as a coping mechanism. This is not exactly true. Coping mechanisms are an effective means of dealing with adversity. Overeating is not an effective way to deal with anything. In fact, binge eating does nothing to actually help you.

However, your inner Saboteur/Firefighter lacks options and remains committed to using food as the coping mechanism of choice. It disappears after a binge and leaves the physical and emotional aftermath in your hands. To the inner Saboteur, this is the only option.


You are, therefore, the one and only one who can offer the Saboteur more choices. You’re the only person who can heal you.

But why should your inner Saboteur listen to you? Think about it. Why? You’ve despised it. Before you’ll get any traction with it, you need to change the relationship.


Use your Binge.Coach journal to write your honest responses to the following two questions.

  1. Reflect on your feelings toward your inner Saboteur. How do you feel, really?
  2. Given your feelings, explain why this part of you wouldn’t be interested in working with, as opposed to against, you.

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