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Unit 3: Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

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While the concept of subpersonalities and the Saboteur are metaphorical, these should be taken seriously. All human understanding is metaphorical in nature and this particular metaphor can kill you.

To understand more about the power of metaphor, read Metaphors We Live By.

The length and quality of your life are on the line. The Saboteur doesn’t seem to care. Why not? Because the Saboteur has more immediate concerns. Its nature is not to consider long-term consequences or care about how you look in a bathing suit. It’s busy putting out fires that may burn down your house.

Emotional fires. Fires that you know nothing about.

You might be thinking, “Fine, I’ll put out the fires myself and get rid of the Saboteur. If only it were so easy. There’s a Gatekeeper who protects the underworld in which the fire burns. Who is that Gatekeeper? You guessed it. The Saboteur.

The fire retardant, in this case, is food. Lots of food.

At this point, there appears to be more to the Saboteur than we’ve assumed, does there not? At the same time it ruins your life, it protects you from harm. It’s a high price to pay – getting burned while a firefighter is saving your home, especially when you believe the firefighter started the blaze.

After a binge, you probably do not feel grateful that the emotional fire is out, You’re probably full of guilt and shame and self-loathing. However, these emotional results are 100% based on a misunderstanding of the Saboteur and your own, hidden emotions.

Once you understand, everything changes, including your degree of choice over food.

The point of this unit (lest we get ahead of ourselves) is to simply appreciate the power of the Saboteur. In the least, it merits your respect. You’ve probably been battling it for many years now. How’s the war going?

If you can give yourself permission to appreciate the impressive, life-and-death strength and blind determination of this part of you, you’ll step into a new world.


Read this article on the subconscious mind and use the free workbook provided: Subconscious Mind | 9 Facts You Should Know [plus FREE WORKBOOK]

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