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Triple D: Three Universal Steps to Stop Binge Eating

On the thought that there are three universal steps to conquer binge eating, I will outline them here.

1. De-brainwash: Understand the truth about binge eating

In many cases, we need to be de-brainwashed due to a history of false narratives pushed by pharmaceutical companies, the mental health industry, 12-step programs and other sources of bad information related to addiction.

This is another way of saying that you need a reliable model or blueprint to follow toward recovery. A model is simply a set of beliefs and rules about how to proceed.

Given that no one knows what causes addiction, you should choose a model based on the results it produces and forget the rest.

If the model doesn’t work for you, drop it and move on to find one that does.

2. Deconstruct your food cravings

The model assumes that cravings are the heart of food addiction and therefore binge eating. If you want to stop binge eating, you must find a way to deny and ultimately eliminate the urge to suddenly eat.

Imagine: You experience food cravings, impulses and the urge to binge on a daily basis, but you NEVER give into them. Will you binge? No. You binge only when you succumb to the craving.

That’s normal because cravings can be horrific. You may even act as if giving into them were the only way to make them stop. What if you could deconstruct your cravings so that they lost their power?

3. Dismiss your cravings and eat only when you’re hungry

Food cravings are not hunger. Once you clear the cravings, your true hunger will be restored. Now, eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you are satisfied.

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Isaiah Chapman