Research Reveals Why Addiction Has Been Called a Disease (this is unreal)

Research Reveals Why Addiction Has Been Called a Disease (this is unreal)

August 7, 2019 Off By bingecoach
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Research discovers that folks who have substance-use issues who see a note labeling addiction as a disease are not as inclined to participate in effective addiction treatment.

And then this mind-blowing statement from the researchers…

“When we began talking about addiction as a disease, the goal was to decrease stigma and encourage treatment,” states Sarah Desmarais, affiliate professor of psychology at North Carolina State University.

“We wanted to see if an alternative message aimed at changing that mindset could affect how people with substance-use problems viewed themselves with regard to addiction,” states Jeni Burnette, an original author of this research and also an affiliate professor of psychology in NC State.

Stop right there!

Why did you label addiction as a disease? You wanted to change the public mindset and encourage treatment? That’s nice, but….

To label addiction as a disease in order to alter the public perception….how scientific is that? Is that how the medical model works? Does this not appear more like medical propaganda than science? The only reason to call addiction a disease would be when there is evidence that its a disease, right?

Is addiction a disease?

There’s no evidence that addiction is a disease. We already know that. See what the real scientists and researchers are saying about the disease model of addiction:

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