powerless addiction myth

Powerless Over Food? Let’s Think Again

12-step addiction programs like overeaters anonymous want you confess that you are powerless over food. The evidence that you’re powerless, according to 12-steppers, is that you have the addiction.

Of course you’re powerless! You’re an addict! This is the logic.

At best, this is nonsense. At worst, it’s a manipulative, cult-like tactic.

In the minds of dedicated 12-steppers, denying that you are powerless is like denying the entire addiction. So, you can agree with the 12-stepping devotee or be in hopeless denial, take your pick!

Either admit you’re powerless or remain in perpetual personal ignorance of reality. 12-step programs set you up to agree with them (beginning with an admission of your powerless state). If you don’t agree, you’re obviously crazy.

Are you powerless over food? Regardless, is powerlessness a good thing to nurture when it comes to an addiction like binge eating?

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Isaiah Chapman