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The Right Way to Fight the Urge to Binge Eat

Journal prompt: I am never going to binge again! What does my inner food demon say to that?

Food demon: Right.

And how many times have you said that? Listen, I’m cracking up here. You’re a joke, a fucking joke, ok? Not ok. I may have finally had enough of you. Stop all this bullshit talk about getting health, eating right and thinking you’re Jack Lalanne.

You’re not Jack Lalanne, Duane Johnson, or even Chris Hemsworth. These people use discipline to get results. They’re serious about it. You’re a laughingstock that everyone pities and puts up with because they can’t wait to see your next humiliating failure.

Stop it already! Just be fat and die a little sooner. You can always kill yourself when health problems become too severe.

My response: Hi, food demon.

You’re no demon.

You are most assuredly one of the following:

  • Neurological junk
  • A representation of everything I’ve absorbed that works against me
  • An addicted part of me that believes there is some worthwhile solution in binge eating food
  • An archetype – like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, or the Hulk, or again, some rogue part of me that rears its head from time to time and hijacks my consciousness and forces me to binge eat
  • An alien force sent to punish me, like the devil or a flying spaghetti monster
  • A cluster of beliefs in my head that insist that binge eating is a good thing
  • A series of addictive impulses that come from processing modern food
  • A part of my psyche that while having a positive intention, is NOT helping me by urging me to binge eat

What do all these possibilities have in common?

You are not me.

You are either the accumulation of neurological junk or unfortunate information that got into my psyche or a part of me that is NOT serving me (again, you may have a positive intention).

Under no circumstances, however, does your existence mean I must obey your urges to binge eat. I do not have to obey your urges to binge. Obeying those urges are actually killing me (and making me miserable on a daily basis).

Urges to Binge Eat: Now hear this….!

I am officially resigning from my duty to obey you. Binge eating is NOT a solution to anything. It’s not a coping mechanism. It doesn’t help any problem in any way. I am so much better off ignoring your urges to binge!

Every area of my life – even the other problematic areas, will improve as I stop heeding your advice to engorge myself with food.

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Isaiah Chapman