don't want to stop bingeing

I Don’t Want to Stop Binge Eating

Every binge eater is conflicted on the inside.

Here is the breakdown of the conflict:

I want to eat right and be healthy. Binge eating is killing me.


I want to eat everything in sight and NO ONE can stop me.

Most of the time we don’t recognize the pro-binge-eating side of the conflict. We don’t see binge eating as a legitimate desire because it’s such a problem. But bingeing is a desire within us. When this desire come out and takes over, watch out. We no longer want to eat healthy. We want to binge!

To draw out the part of you that wants to binge, ask yourself what you’re afraid of if you stop bingeing and eat normally.

What are you afraid will happen if you stop binge eating and eat normally?

Common answers from the pro-binge-eating perspective. To find your own answers to this question, ask it to yourself. Then, listen for answers within.

  • I’ll die if I can’t binge (no one said it’s rational)
  • You can’t make me stop
  • I’ll never make it through the day
  • I’ll be so sad because food is my only friend
  • Somehow I will lose my purpose in life, which is to overcome
  • Yeah, I need an insurmountable obstacle to mount
  • Life would get easier – yikes! Not good!
  • The struggle is my purpose

What to make of it

An inner voice that feels like a rebel doesn’t want to give up binge eating. It’s also terrified to do so because of the unknown element. This client has defined her life in terms of the binge eating struggle.

If this is your purpose, how do you give it up?

By choosing another purpose. However, unless you’re aware of the obstacle, it might never occur to you.

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Isaiah Chapman