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Unit 1: The Goal

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This course is about one thing: Stop binge eating.

That’s it. Not weight loss. Not dieting. Not fitness or anything else. Not happiness or success or self-esteem or a life of balance.

We’ll consider ourselves successful if one thing happens: You stop binge eating. This is a tall order, such as it is.

What causes binge eating? What would you do with yourself if you were to stop overeating? If you were to somehow stop thinking about food or using it inappropriately, what would you do instead? And how would you need to feel in order to stop?

These are all important considerations. Yet, there’s one you that may have never dawned on you before. It’s this:

What about the part of you that doesn’t care? You know how you get just before a binge. You stop caring about your health and yourself and all the people who care about you. Part of you wants to binge. And it hijacks your mind and body in those all-important moments before a binge.

Your entire perspective changes. Positive beliefs give way to a darker side of your psyche. Nothing else matters in those moments. Your goal to overcome changes to a goal to eat or do whatever you feel. Your best intentions mean nothing.

It’s that simple. You’ve experienced this disruptive part of you, have you not?


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