Free Coaching Offer


My name is Mike Bundrant and I am the founder of Binge.Coach. If you want to know more about me, do a quick search and you’ll discover various projects in which I’ve been involved.

For now, let’s get to how this free coaching program works.

Binge.Coach is a public service. At this point, everything we offer is free to the public.

Further, we do not practice affiliate marketing or advertising sales, so we receive no compensation for linking to any other websites.

We believe our material, however, is revolutionary and of immense value to the right people. One day will offer paid solutions, but for now we’re merely developing our platform.

In the spirit of doing some good in the world…

….and beta-testing this revolutionary approach to recovery from addiction, self-destructive habits, and binge eating, we’re offering free coaching to a few people. 

Here’s how the free coaching works:

Apply to participate by filling out the form at the end of this page. If we both agree that the free course is a good fit for you, we’ll proceed right away.

Once a week you will receive one mini-course module with an unconventional addiction recovery concept and instructions to practice during the week. Read the email and follow the instructions. These mini-modules are simple, short, and powerful. No fluff. Not the same old stuff!

During the free course, if you have questions or comments, reply to any email and I’ll receive your message. We’ll interact from there to ensure you understand the concepts and how to apply them.

That’s it!

There are nine coaching emails in the course.

Nine weeks!

But you can opt-out at any time. Participation is 100% voluntary, non-obligatory, and anonymous (if desired). Your data is secure and will never be used for any purpose beyond the scope of

This free coaching course could radically alter your entire self-concept and beliefs about your situation. And when it does, I want to hear about it. I also want to learn what doesn’t work you and why. This will help me refine the course to better help future participants.

Some key concepts that I will always remember as your coach (and hope you do, too)

  • I am not a doctor and do not treat medical conditions. I am not offering any solutions to addictive behavior, self-destructive habits, or binge eating that qualify as a treatment for any medical condition. 
  • I am not here to tell you to stop doing anything. I intend to show you how to make it much easier to stop. But I will never try to convince you to stop or cut back or modify your behavior in any way. That part is up to you.
  • This is a purely educational endeavor, intended to educate and/or entertain. I am, at heart, a teacher. I’m convinced that when you learn what addiction really is and see the way out, that many of you will take the opportunity to escape the trap you’ve been living in. That’s my hope, not my agenda. 

One final thought…

There’s a maxim often used by engineers that goes like this:

binge eating problem coaching

We might sum up the whole addiction or binge eating issue with these two problem scenarios:

  1. Your bum-bum hurts. (that’s your rear end or “butt”).
  2. Your bum-bum hurts because there is a thumbtack stuck in it.

Which problem suggests a simple, automatic solution? I hope you’re thinking that #2 suggests an obvious solution. In this course, you’ll learn to define your addiction or binge eating pain per #2. This will make the solution simple and obvious. (Hint: the solution I’m referring to is NOT: “Just say no” or “Just do it!”)

Get started by filling out this brief form. Then, I’ll email you (manually – not by autoresponder) and we’ll consider the next steps.