binge eating goal

Unit 1: The Goal

This course is about one thing: Stop binge eating. That’s it. Not weight loss. Not dieting. Not fitness or anything else. Not happiness or success or self-esteem or a life of balance. We’ll consider ourselves successful if one thing happens: …

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binge eating saboteur

Unit 2: The Saboteur

The Saboteur is a generic term for the part of you that insists on overeating. Consider it one of your subpersonalities. For more on these personality parts, read the book Subpersonalities, by John Rowan. Fascinating! To the Saboteur, binge eating …

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binge eating slow suicide

Unit 3: Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

While the concept of subpersonalities and the Saboteur are metaphorical, these should be taken seriously. All human understanding is metaphorical in nature and this particular metaphor can kill you. To understand more about the power of metaphor, read Metaphors We …

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