A Dialogue with My Inner Binger

I don’t care about losing weight. I don’t want to diet. I like to eat. Fuck off. 

~ Inner Binger

And there you have it. A part of me doesn’t care about losing weight, being healthy, or even maintaining my sense of self-respect. Today I’m calling that part of me the Inner Binger; a title it seems proud to hold. 

Did you know you can communicate with various parts of your personality?

It’s kind of like channeling messages from your unconscious mind. It’s odd, but it works. Actually, it’s odd only because it works. 

So let’s just cut to the chase. My Inner Binger is after the pleasure of food. It shows up as a voice in my head that says:

  • Eat that!
  • I want more!
  • Screw eating healthy!

The Inner Binger is compelling. It’s hard for me to resist, as if this part of me “takes over” and just starts calling the shots. You know, like the Incredible Hulk or Mr. Hyde.

No, I’m not clinical. I think every binger can relate. 

You start of your day determined not to binge.

If you simply maintained that determined mindset throughout the day, problem solved! However, some part of you inevitably surfaces that changes your entire attitude about binge eating.

Fuck it! Who cares! I’m doing this. And then you stuff food down your throat until the Inner Binger is satisfied. 

As you regain your normal state of consciousness, of course, you feel like shit and vow to never do it again and so on.  But the Inner Binger has made no such vow. This is what’s so hard to grasp.

We all have different parts of our personalities – like sub-personalities. These sub-personalities have attitudes of their own, believe it or not. This is how you can be minding your own business, having a nice, healthy day, then suddenly want to eat the entire kitchen.

The Inner Binger part of you doesn’t share your health values. It has desires and beliefs of its own. 

If you could speak to your Inner Binger, what would you say?

About the Author

Isaiah Chapman