Welcome to Binge Coach

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This website is a free course for people who chronically overeat.

There is no cost, obligation, or registration requirement. We hope you find it helpful and will share your experience with anyone you believe will benefit.

As you proceed, we hope you will keep the following in mind:

Under no circumstances are we attempting to treat a medical condition. If you’re under the care of a clinical practitioner of any kind, you should disclose that you are reading this website and doing the exercises here.

Our views on overeating are neither mainstream nor clinical and should be reviewed for informational purposes only. We are not doctors or counselors.

Finally, if you’ve chronically overeaten for some time and have found it difficult to stop, we understand. The odds of overcoming, losing weight, and getting what you want are slim, especially if you are going it alone.

There is a multitude of courses, programs, coaches, counselors, and medical professionals in the world who work hard to offer solutions. Many of them are quite expensive.

On the other hand, this course is free. Yet, the materials here are of the highest quality, stacking up against the most sophisticated approaches while maintaining the simple, practical feel of a well-done online course.

Why is this binge eating course free?

To be frank, because we can. Please understand, however, that as of this writing there are no upgrades, products, coaching, or any other service offered. There are no customer service representatives and no one to help you with tech issues.

You are on your own and the choice to proceed is entirely yours, along with 100% of the responsibility for any actions you take as a result of what you read here.

The binge eating course is laid out in chronological order, beginning on this page.

Enjoy! And may you discover what you’ve been missing.

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